What we believe in

The values that guide us every day in our work.

Every individual at ALD Automotive shares the core values of our company culture. We believe this is what differentiates us and makes us unique. It enables us to overcome every challenge we have to face and achieve both personal and professional fulfilment.

The words of our staff are worth more than any comment. They tell us of their daily experiences of our corporate culture and the values with which we identify ourselves. 


Team spirit

Over time, we have formed a true team: every day colleagues exchange constructive mutual information, and everyone is free to express an opinion and add value to the project.  All the teams at ALD Automotive work together in the face of challenges and successes.



Innovation: for us at ALD Automotive this means looking to the future in order to change mobility and life for the better. To do this, we encourage the proliferation and exchange of ideas throughout our company. Every one of our staff is capable of guiding us along the road to the future.



At ALD Automotive, the result and process to achieve it are of equal importance. All our work is founded on maximum transparency and respect: for our customers, the company and the environment around us.



We share and are totally committed to the values and objectives of the large group we belong to. This includes helping all our professionals, to whom we offer equal opportunities of development. And goes as far as our customers, to whom we guarantee maximum satisfaction.

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