Our model of professional development.

At ALD Automotive we have created a model, which enables our professionals to develop their own skills and abilities. This is in response to all the needs for personal and professional development.

From model to useful concrete tool.

Here are the characteristics that make it possible and effective to apply our model of professional development.

  • Analysis and listening

    The model was created by listening to the needs, desires and expectations in order to develop resources and to refine relations with management. Sharing at ALD Automotive is the starting point of every relationship and successful professional development.
  • Flexibility and dynamism

    We wish to achieve our objective of creating a favourable, stimulating work environment, based on colleagues sharing their know-how: to grow together, to plan your own development and achieve personal and professional results.
  • Transparency

    We have mapped out all the organisational roles and have translated them into an innovative, user-friendly, digital tool: every professional has his own profile and can assess the opportunities for development based on his own aptitude and professional ambitions.
  • Tools

    To improve and acquire new skills to develop your professional figure in the various departments, we make available for the professional a series of useful tools: from on-the-job training to coaching and counselling, to specialised, technical and managerial training.


Build the best path for you.

Every professional at ALD Automotive can select two different development paths, according to their own personal aptitude and competencies they have developed.

The professional path is based on perfecting and acquiring technical and professional skills, which increase in number as your responsibility and role grows.

The managerial path looks in detail at managerial skills, essential for being able to cover management roles, from large teams to single resources for a project.

Whichever path you choose, you will be able to cover distinctive roles over time, and acquire the necessary competencies that will mark your development within the company.


At ALD Automotive, we value the aptitude and skills of our professionals every day.

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