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Vehicle registration and on the road

  Register your vehicle with the Vehicle Licencing Authority using this ALD procedure. It will then be registered in the Public Vehicle Register. At the end of this two-fold procedure, you can use your vehicle on the road.

TPL Insurance


Insurance that covers the driver's accident, in case of the following risks:

  • Limit of liability 25,000,000 € for damages caused to third parties, including passengers and relatives on the vehicle. The driver is excluded.
  • Extension of the guarantee for damage caused by the use of vehicles in private areas, including airport sites.
  • Extension to cover traffic accidents caused by vehicles towing trailers and to cover damage caused by trailers.
  • Extension of Liability for damage involuntarily caused to third parties by persons transported during the vehicle’s use.
  • Extension (for commercial vehicles only) for damage caused to third parties during vehicle loading and unloading operations, when such operations are not performed by mechanical means.
  • Validity in the Italian Republic, Vatican City, the Republic of San Marino, all states of the European Union, and in all the other states belonging to the Green Card system, whose international abbreviations are not crossed out on the card.
  • Penalty for a passive or insolvency claim, as specifically indicated in the vehicle hire offer for the vehicle that was ordered.

Legal Protection


Legal protection covers expenses relative to in-court and out-of-court proceedings, from lawyer fees to possible valuation expert fees, up to €15,000, in case of legal proceedings connected with a claim.

Expenses are included in connection with legal disputes relating to both road circulation and use of the vehicle, any disputes with parties responsible for dealing with the repair of the vehicle and criminal proceedings.


Partial exemption from liability for fire and theft

  Limitation of Liability for Damages is a type of protection that places a limit on the costs that the vehicle hire company can charge customers for repairs. Find out what this includes and how much a collision could cost you.

PAI Personal Accident Insurance


Insurance that covers the driver’s accident, in case of the following risks:

  • Death;
  • Permanent Invalidity (assessment of the percentage of Permanent Invalidity, based on the table attached to Presidential Decree No. 1,124 of 30 June 1965 and subsequent amendments);
  • Reimbursement of medical expenses (only following permanent invalidity considered eligible for compensation);
  • Insured capital and permanent invalidity deductibles, as indicated on the vehicle hire offer letter.

Routine and non-routine maintenance


Routine maintenance means all the periodic checks that are necessary for the vehicle, in order to ensure its best performance so it can be driven on the road

Conversely, all one-off tasks that are conducted in order to replace worn/damaged parts are considered non-routine maintenance.


24-hour roadside assistance


The customer can call Roadside Assistance any time and anywhere, 24 hours a day, in case of a breakdown, an accident, a puncture, inability to continue driving, or simply when alarm and/or control warning lights are activated.

The service is valid in Italy and in all foreign countries indicated by the Green Insurance Card system and includes the transport of the vehicle to the assistance point of the affiliated network belonging to the brand of the hired car that is closest to where the vehicle stopped.


Management of fines

  Fines will be charged to the person the vehicle hire contract is registered to, except when the driver is not the registered person of the vehicle hire contract and is clearly identified at the time of the infringement (for example following the detention of the vehicle).

Right of first refusal

  In respect of any purchase once the period of the contract has ended, ALD Automotive customers may enjoy the right of first refusal in connection with the purchase of the vehicle they used during the hire period.


  Personal area where you can manage active contracts and can consult and download all the documentation relating to your vehicle hire.

Dedicated Assistance

  The roadside assistance service is active 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In case of an emergency, simply call the dedicated number to activate the intervention procedure. An operator will guide the customer through the handling of the report. Our response is timely and, if necessary, you can always look at the map to see when help will arrive.

More than 8,000 authorised sites

  ALD Automotive offers its customers a widespread presence throughout Italy, thanks to its vast network of centres with highly specialised and trained technicians. Discover our partner assistance centre closest to you. You can search by location, service type or vehicle category.Find a service centre



Discover the convenience of having the tyres included in your contract. You will have the certainty of travelling on quality tyres and the change of seasons will no longer be a thought.

  • quality product, new and latest-generation certificate;
  • deposit;
  • mounting/removal;
  • inversion, balancing and convergence;
  • widespread coverage.

Replacement Car


In case of a breakdown or an accident, you have the option to use a replacement vehicle until the service ends or, if your car can no longer travel, may use a replacement vehicle for up to 30 days.

  • you can choose when you will receive the replacement car, if yours is unavailable for more than 4 or 8 hours.
  • choose the vehicle category you prefer. It can be lower or higher than the category in your contract.
  • Thanks to the ALD fleet, there will always be a vehicle available and if your vehicle category is not available, we will ensure you are given a vehicle from even a higher group, at no additional cost.

Fuel card

  Thanks to this tool, you can keep supply costs under control, access a vast network of suppliers and you choose pay-as-you-go. The card can be used at all affiliated circuits (Eni, Api - IP, Esso, Q8), without any the need for an advanced payment in cash from the driver.


  By signing a Long-Term Rental contract, while waiting for your new hire vehicle, you can get on board an ALD vehicle at a subsidised fee, until your vehicle is delivered.

Screen devices


All cars are equipped with devices that make all journeys safer and more cost-controlled.

  • On-board screen device for support and disputing fines.
  • Crash Assistance Call (from the operations centre to the driver) in case of an accident, through the on-board screen device.
  • Assistance Call Theft Support Centre (from driver to operations centre), in case of vehicle theft.
Toll-free Number
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