Long-term rental of electric cars

ALD Green.
Electric mobility will turn your life around.

The solution that offers you the long-term rental of an electric or hybrid vehicle: it will enable you to travel freely, protecting the environment and reducing your consumption and mobility costs. You will also get tax relief if you have a VAT number.

And the partnership with Enel X has produced JuiceMotion, a package that includes 1,350 kWh of energy, sufficient to cover a distance of up to 10,000km, as well as a full electric or plug-in car. Alternatively, you can choose the JuiceHome energy package or both packages at a low price.

Switch to sustainable mobility for you and the environment. 

Go anywhere you like.
Go anywhere you like.
Restricted traffic and low emission zones, traffic bans and circulation of vehicles with alternating number plates no longer restrict your freedom of movement.
Spend less.
Spend less.
Fill up at the cost specified in your tariff plan offered by your energy provider and get tax relief.
Prevent pollution.
Prevent pollution.
Electric vehicles produce zero CO2 emissions and are so silent that they also reduce noise pollution.

Long-term rental of electric vehicles: the advantages from A to Z.

  • SUPPORT Customer Service and dedicated roadside assistance service
  • CHARGING POINTS Possibility of charging the car at home or at the ALD charging stations 
  • Additional MOBILITY Possibility of adding a courtesy vehicle 
  • SAVING Lower mobility costs (cost of kWh vs cost of fuel) and road tax saving  
  • ZERO EMISSIONS Electric vehicles do not generate CO2 emissions and are silent-running, thus reducing noise pollution.


JuiceMotion BOX:
Go electric, with Enel X you have more than a car.

  • JuiceStreet: includes 1,350 kWh of energy, on the Enel X public network, sufficient to cover a distance of up to 10,000 km.
  • JuiceHome: a home charging point at a low price.
  • JuiceStreet+JuiceHome: to go electric including kWh of energy and charging the car directly at home.


Did you know that:

  • Extremely hot and cold outside temperatures influence the state of the battery and may reduce autonomy. Heating and air-conditioning inside the car also consume energy and reduce its autonomy. 
  • In any kind of vehicle, high speed and sudden acceleration increase consumption and reduce autonomy. Maximum autonomy is obtained by travelling at a constant speed and accelerating gradually
  • Regenerative braking is capable of accumulating and reusing 90% of the braking energy normally lost when braking, to recharge the battery. Regenerative braking helps to increase comfort through ‘’one pedal’’ driving, which enables the driver to brake without using the brake pedal; it also helps to reduce brake pad wear.

Included Services

Vehicle registration and on the road
TPL Insurance
PAI - Personal Accident Insurance
Management of fines
IPT - Public motor vehicle register tax
Dedicated Assistance
Routine and non-routine maintenance
24-hour roadside assistance
More than 8,000 authorised sites
Screen devices
Right of first refusal
Partial exemption from liability for fire and theft

On-demand Services

Replacement car
Charging Facilities
RFID charging card with kWh included
Toll-free Number
800 737475