Long-Term second-hand car rental

ALD 2Life. The second life of rental.

ALD offers a long-term second-hand car rental solution, as well as new car rental. This enables you to choose a lower-cost solution but with the same services and guarantees as the new car rental.

We select the best second-hand vehicles from our fleet of cars, returned after the first ALD rental period. You can choose from a wide selection of cars: ALD second-hand vehicles have a certified low mileage and are subjected to careful checks on their mechanics and bodywork, but there are also other advantages.



Through the long-term rental of second-hand cars, you can save up to 30% compared to new vehicle rental.

You get the same services, as for new vehicles, plus the no down payment option.

And if you choose ALD 2Life Top, for a small monthly fee, you can add damage cover and vehicle repair apart from normal wear.

Delivery times

Our second-hand vehicles come from the ALD car fleet and are delivered much more quickly than new cars for rent.

A solution designed specially for you

For your first rental or for your second vehicle

All the advantages of a lower fee to enter the rental world but also perfect if you need a more affordable cost.


For us, sanitization is not an option. 

Stages of the sanitization of interiors with medical devices.

1 Cleaning (vacuum cleaning and washing of interior)

2 Rinsing (at end of wash)

3 Disinfection

Personalized delivery of second-hand cars

You can request the service to decide the delivery date of your next ALD 2Life car: you can postpone the date for up to 6 months after the standard times. And you start to pay upon delivery.

Right of first refusal

After renting you can decide to buy the car at a low price instead of returning it.

Switch to ALD 2life.

Browse through the offers and discover all the models available for the long-term rental of second-hand cars.


Included Services

Vehicle registration and on the road
TPL Insurance
PAI - Personal Accident Insurance
Management of fines
Dedicated Assistance
Routine and non-routine maintenance
24-hour roadside assistance
More than 8,000 authorised sites
Screen devices
Right of first refusal
Partial exemption from liability for fire and theft
Ripristino carrozzeria

Included services in the ALD 2Life Top pachage


On-demand services

Fuel card
Custom delivery
Veicolo sostitutivo
Toll-free Number
800 737475