Long-term rental for companies

Corporate Fleet.
A fleet of services for your business.

The ALD Automotive long-term rental for companies is the solution for creating and managing your company fleet simply and efficiently, keeping costs under control and ensuring an economic advantage over lease and purchase. In addition, the long-term rental services for companies provided by ALD Automotive guarantee a worry-free experience.

Rental from 1 to 60 months for companies

Our team, your resource.

Right from the first appointment, you have your own team of consultants to assist you in every step of the way and help you build a personalised solution based on a detailed analysis of your business needs, the TCO and the car policy. This enables the company to manage its company fleet exactly as required, pay attention to tax aspects and optimise costs.

Reset your time and worries.

One of the advantages of long-term rental concerns time: in fact, ALD Automotive offers you a complete solution with all services included to relieve you of all operational and managerial tasks.

Operational management: no worries at all.

All services are included in the fee. The administrative and insurance practices are handled by our team. The maintenance and repair of the company fleets are managed directly by our network consisting of 8,000 service centres.

You know how much you spend and how much you save.

It’s easy to plan your spending as all the costs are fixed in the rental. There are no application fees, you don’t have to worry about vehicle depreciation and there’s no balloon payment. Take advantage of the tax relief according to the type of use of the vehicles.

Products and services tailored to your fleet.

We personalise the management of your fleet with both medium and long-term rental solutions, and electrical mobility solutions.

Medium-term rental for companies: ALD Flex

Do you need to handle seasonal peaks of work or staff on transfers? Are you a start up getting your business going? Do you want to try out electrical mobility and are considering it for your fleet? You can choose ALD Flex, the flexible, monthly rental solution, with all services included and no duration constraints.

Light commercial vehicles

Discover our LCV offer, you can choose the solution best suited to your business, from thermal to electric, with consultancy tailored to the needs of your business.

Full electric sustainability

Switching to green means reducing the environmental impact, reducing the costs of the company fleet and lightening the company’s environmental responsibility.

Have you decided to adopt sustainable mobility? Switch to ALD Green and you will have specific consultancy tailored to your needs to find the most suitable thermal, hybrid and electric solutions.

A company fleet with all-inclusive services

All rental contracts include the following services:

  • accident management and fine management;
  • third-party, personal accident and legal protection insurance cover, limitation of liability for fire and theft and accidental damage;
  • purchasing, order management and delivery of the vehicle, preassigned car, ordinary and extraordinary maintenance, tyres, fuel card, courtesy car, resale of second-hand vehicle;
  • telematics, personal area and advanced on-line reporting.


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