Company Car Sharing

ALD Car Sharing.
Mobility is not an undertaking.

ALD Company Car Sharing is an innovative, fully digital mobility solution, which, through the use of a fleet of vehicles shared by the employees, guarantees a reduction of the total mobility cost and simplifies its management. ALD Car Sharing is available in the company car park and can be used both for business travel and for the personal travel of employees. 

You can book the vehicle in advance or start travel directly from beside the car using the ALD Car Sharing app.


Many car parks are better than one.

This service enables every driver to end his Car Sharing journey in a different car park from the initial one. The departure and arrival car parks can be company car parks or public car parks situated in areas of strategic interest for the company (e.g. airports, railway stations, etc.).


Benefits for the company/Fleet Manager:

• Reduction of mobility costs;

• Efficient management and monitoring of the fleet using the dedicated My ALD platform;

• Reduction of CO2 emissions.


Benefits for companies

• Provision of a company welfare service through the possibility for employees to use the cars for their private needs;

• Reduction of the rental.


Benefits for employees:

• Low rentals;

• Immediate availability and vicinity of the cars;

• Dedicated, user-friendly app.

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