Company agreements for employees

ALD Mobility for Employee.
A fast track on the road to mobility.

ALD Automotive has set up a programme of company agreements for employees, their spouses and first-degree relatives. Offers aimed at sustaining the welfare of many companies that have chosen ALD Automotive as their mobility provider.

ALD Mobility for Employees is the ideal opportunity for employees of the companies involved to gain access to ALD’s exclusive world of worry-free mobility.

The Long-term rental will be affordable for all employees, who will have the possibility of choosing the car, the mileage and duration of the contract in a single monthly fee, with an extra discount and all services included.

There are also electric vehicles, to discover ALD Green and the JuiceMotion packages that comprise a card including 1,350 kWh and/or the installation of charging points at home.

Alternatively, with ALD 2Life, at even lower prices, the employees will be able to choose from a wide selection of safe, second-hand cars subjected to careful checks on their mechanics and bodywork.

All the offers provide access to servicing by ALD at over 8,000 service centres across the country and ensure exclusive high-quality services for a truly safe and worry-free driving experience.

If you have your own car, with ALD Trade-in we will value and purchase it at the price indicated in the ‘Quattroruote’ magazine.

A world of concrete benefits for employees, but also an opportunity for companies to offer their staff an integrated welfare programme, cutting the tape of sustainable, worry-free mobility.

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