ALD Electric. The corporate electric rental.

Recharge your company wherever you are.

The time has come to take your business to the next level, both economically and ecologically. ALD Automotive offers a dedicated electric vehicle solution for small, medium and large businesses: ALD Electric. Support your business with an integrated sustainable mobility system, including a personalised consultancy service to help you choose the right motoring solution for your company, a user-friendly app to enable access to all public charge points, and the installation of domestic charging infrastructure at your employees’ homes. All in one all-inclusive package. 

ALD Electric is also supported by ChargePoint, our expert smart charging partner, which offers everything your company fleet needs to support and optimise the charging process. 

ALD Electric is available in three comprehensive packages.



This solution enables your employees to charge their vehicle directly from their own home.

The all-inclusive Home Employee package includes the lease of the electric vehicle and the installation of domestic charging infrastructure at your drivers’ homes. 

In addition to the installation, the package also includes warranty and support services for the entire duration of the contract, as well as an automatic driver reimbursement service for business charging using the wallboxes.  

By accessing the MY ALD portal fleet managers can view information on business charging made by drivers and the relative invoices.

With ALD Electric, clients can access all of the tax benefits available for long-term leases, as well as all the services that make the ALD Automotive mobility experience a fully sustainable solution.



This solution is designed for businesses that need a comprehensive electric mobility solution. The Full Business option is an all-inclusive package that includes electric vehicles, access to public charging networks (through the app or via RFID card), and domestic charging infrastructuresinstalled directly at your employees’ homes.

The package also includes wallbox installation and warranty, as well as support and maintenance services for the entire duration of the contract. What’s more, each month your drivers will be reimbursed for the cost of business charging using the domestic wallboxes directly into their bank accounts.

Thanks to this solution, drivers can charge their vehicle any time, anywhere.  

Moreover, by accessing the My ALD portal fleet managers can view information on business charging made by drivers using the wallbox or the public charging network. 



This solution includes a ChargePoint card (to be used in conjunction with the dedicated app) for each electric or plug-in vehicle in your fleet, enabling the driver to charge the vehicle using public charging networks in Italy and Europe (CP circuit and roaming partners). 

Drivers can use the ChargePoint app to: 

·       Configure charging sessions based on the type of vehicle use (private or business)

·       Check charge point availability

·       Start charging with one simple click 

·       View consumption data (kWh and imports)  

What’s more, thanks to the dedicated My ALD management portal fleet, managers can check the details of all business charging sessions made by drivers and view monthly invoices for kWh imports. 

Benefits of ALD Electric.

Advantages for clients: 

  • Monitoring of charging activities: a clear overview of public and domestic charging for all drivers.
  • Clear breakdown of running costs: all mobility costs in one invoice. ALD Electric provides a clear breakdown of charging data to enable a comprehensive analysis of the total cost of electric vehicle ownership. 
  • A single point of reference for any mobility issues.
  • No need to pay multiple charge point operators: with ALD Electric, there’s no need to pay multiple operators for the use of charge points since all charging transactions (on the ChargePoint network and partner networks) are included on one invoice.
  • Help to achieve corporate sustainability objectives: ALD Electric collects data that can help clients to monitor the carbon emissions associated with charging, helping them to monitor their progress towards sustainability targets.
  • Low start-up costs: the costs of the domestic charging infrastructure are included in the vehicle lease fee, spreading the cost over multiple months.

Advantages for drivers: 

  • Access to domestic charge points: drivers can charge their vehicle from their own home.
  • Access to public charge points: the extensive ChargePoint network, which includes over 15,000 public charge points in Italy, enables drivers to charge their vehicle easily when on the move using the dedicated app (or RFID card).
  • Peace of mind when travelling: the ChargePoint app shows drivers the available charge points on their route. 
  • Reimbursements for domestic charging: drivers are automatically reimbursed for “business charging” using their domestic wallbox infrastructure, with no need to submit reimbursement requests. Moreover, the reimbursed imports are based on actual electricity costs.
  • All-inclusive package: ALD Electric manages the entire installation process, including ordering, preparation, installation and set-up. What's more, with the ALD Electric warranty, maintenance and support services are included for the entire duration of the contract.