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No single solution exists for all mobility requirements, every situation has its own needs. Whether you manage a company fleet or just a few vehicles, in the public or private sector, our team of consultants will help you find the best mobility solution for you to reach the following objectives:

Optimization of costs

On the current market, there is an ever-increasing need to reduce mobility costs. Our team of consultants will help you with an all-round analytical approach: from the optimization of the Total Cost of Mobility/Total Cost of Ownership, to the revision of the categories and models of the vehicles in use according to the characteristics of your business.

Alternative mobility solutions

ALD Car Sharing allows you to offer your collaborators a flexible mobility solution for business and personal travel, at the same time, reducing costs, the environmental impact and the operational management of the fleet.

Switching to electric mobility

Switching to electric mobility Switching to electric mobility represents a winning solution not only for the environment, but also in terms of costs. Our consultants will be at your side all the way to offer you the support you need: in analysing the potential of vehicles and selecting the best combination of vehicle and charging points.


Having a safe fleet, with clear and well-defined safety standards is one of the fundamental elements to be able to offer a fleet that fully satisfies our customers’ needs. Our consultants will guide you in your choice by identifying the models best suited to your needs.

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