Take your business where the future is heading.

Discover innovative rental solutions to simplify your business’ mobility from every point of view: from cost optimisation to time and resource management.


A fleet of benefits for your work.

  • Planned costs: you do not have fixed assets that weigh down your business’ balance sheet. All rental costs are certain and scheduled.
  • Time savings: all administrative and insurance matters, in addition to maintenance management, are the responsibility of ALD.

  • Tax breaks: take advantage of VAT deductibility and you have the possibility of deducting rental-related costs.

  • A step forward: we keep ahead of the trends to always provide you with the most innovative solutions such as car sharing and electric mobility.

Discover all the services and advantages offered by ALD BUSINESS

  • My ALD: manage your vehicles and fleets online from a single platform with an area reserved for drivers and Fleet Managers.
  • Satellite Telecommunication: intelligent cars and safer drivers with technology allowing for a qualitative leap in vehicle management, reducing costs and increasing driver safety.  
  • ALD Car Sharing: provides Fleet Managers with greater efficiency in car management and your collaborators with a new way of experiencing mobility, both for business and personal use.
  • ALD Green: the electric vehicle has also made its way to your business. Discover our commitment and our solutions for sustainable mobility.

In addition, with ALD BUSINESS you have an all-inclusive solution to create and manage your company fleet in a simple and efficient way, thereby saving time and resources and optimising costs. 

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